Change Now Has A Date

Well the cat’s out of the bag! The announcement came across early this morning that changes are on the near horizon in WWE. SmackDown, widely considered to be nothing more than the “other” show in WWE, is getting a major overhaul. On Tuesday, July 19, SmackDown will be moving from its Thursday time slot and […]


The R-Evolution of the New Era

It is pretty easy to see that we are experiencing the next era in WWE. While the new era may have officially been launched the day Shane McMahon made his surprise return to WWE TV, the foundation of the new era was laid out long ago. It was the summer of 2014 that WWE signed […]


WWE Draft Around The Corner?

The NFL is currently taking over Chicago for their annual draft. This gets me thinking – will the NFL Draft not be the only draft that we see in the near future? Speculation has been running wild for months that WWE has toyed with the idea have bringing back the brand split and giving Raw […]


Reset Button Hit At The Perfect Time

Remember back in the days when you would be playing Nintendo and right before you were about to die after hours of working towards the final level. Instead of watching your character meet his demise and have to start all over from the beginning you jumped to the console and hit the reset button just […]


WrestleMania 32 Predictions

It’s been over a year since WWE made the announcement that WrestleMania 32 would be held at AT&T Stadium. The WWE Universe instantly started creating the dream card that WWE would obviously be putting together in an effort to reach a six-figure attendance number for the first time in the history of the illustrious event. […]


Ranking Every WrestleMania Participant in a Fantasy Scoring System

We live in a world of fantasy … … … sports! The end of August is traditionally considered to be fantasy football draft time around the country. It seems as though the concept of fantasy football has taken the sports world by storm. Sitting in my office on a Monday I hear people talking about […]


Top 10 : WrestleMania Promo Packages

Simply put, the promo package is that last chance WWE has to get you excited before the match itself. If it’s good, it adds so much to the match experience itself. If not, it can make a viewer skeptical of what they are about to see. And quite honestly, we don’t need any more of […]


Ranking Every WrestleMania Main Event

We’re getting closer folks! Jerry World is about ready to open its doors as Dallas is getting ready to be taken over for WrestleMania week! Some can say that the show is only as good as its main event. Some will also say that some of the “main events” weren’t the real main event of […]


The Legacy of Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell….to a wrestling fan those words mean two things – crazy metal structure and even crazier hardcore match. This year, The Cell will once again descend from the rafters and another chapter will be written. But before that happens let’s look back the beginning of the legacy and what mad it a […]


Worried About WrestleMania? Just Think of Next Year!

This is supposed to be the best time of year to be a wrestling fan. Everyone getting excited for the annual Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment and the memorable moments that are expected on such a big stage. It’s a special time of year indeed! Though this year…well…this year has raised some questions. Thanks to […]


WWE Misses Golden Opportunity

This year’s WrestleMania card has its share of skepticism attached to it. When WWE has the chance to create a moment that will go a long way with getting their apparent chosen one over to a crowd that just loves to boo, they have to pounce on it! Last Monday…opportunity missed! Based on what happened […]


John Cena’s Grandfather Played Major League Baseball?

It’s been more than eighty years since babe Ruth swung a bat during in a Major League Baseball game, yet that doesn’t stop people from comparing their star to the Hall of Famer. The latest offender? WWE. “John is Babe Ruth, he’s everything to us. And a real warrior,” CEO Vince McMahon said about John […]


CM Punk Rumors Need To Stop

Let me preface by saying that everything you are about to read, well, it would be amazing if I were wrong! When Shane McMahon made his return on Raw a few weeks ago and claimed that he was here for change, the WWE Universe was electric with anticipation on what those changes could mean. Then, […]


Raw – March 7, 2016

I have been writing these Raw reviews here for a few months now. I can honestly, and easily say that none of them were as fun to write as this one! I was in attendance as the Road to WrestleMania (or, more appropriately apparently, the Road to Roadblock) ran through the AllState Arena in suburban […]


Windy City Moments

If you are reading this, there is a very good chance that you live in or are from the Chicagoland area. So my friends, this one is for you! Chicago has long been considered one of, if not THE biggest wrestling city in the country. A passionate fan base and an arena rich in history […]